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The mission of Sacred Evolution is to bring positive and lasting change to the world by helping us to remember our interconnectedness with each other, with nature and with all beings. To bring us back to the heart and our deeper sense of knowing and self love. To heal and be healed.

Sacred Evolution

About Sacred Evolution

Sacred Evolution is about the process that we are all on, knowingly or not. It is a process of growth and change, learning and evolving. The more we open to this process and allow it to unfold, with all the feelings and challenges, blocks and traumas, and joys and openings - the more happy, fulfilled and present we can be.


In our modern society we spend so much time distracting ourselves from ourselves. By spending time with ourselves, by learning to love ourselves and by realizing how much control we have over our reality, we can truly harness the power of our own evolution.


This process is Sacred, it is to be honored and respected, felt and experienced on all levels. For without this process there is no change, there is no improvement of ourselves or our society or or environment. The change starts within, and we're here walking that path with you, hand in hand, heart in heart.

I'm Elowan, or Be, and I am the first co-creator or Sacred Evolution. I'm here to serve humanity, the planet, and all beings in finding higher levels of purpose and evolution.


I started my journey 7 years ago with a plant medicine ceremony that opened me up to the fact that I'm a spiritual being having a physical experience and that I'm here to help impact and change the world.


Since then I've been on a nomadic journey through the world, seeing what's actually going on outside the bubble that is the United States. On this journey I've studied Reiki, massage, craniosacral therapy, meditation, mysticism and esoteric philosophy, and plant medicine.


I have gone on a deep journey of healing, clearing and self-discovery. I am here to serve you and to serve the greater knowings and longings of the heart and of love.

About Elowan

Image by Christoffer Engström
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