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Beyond Bodywork

Mind-Body-Spirit Healing

Beyond bodywork is a whole being transformation of mind, body and spirit. Combining different massage, bodywork techniques, and energy work along with the opportunity to talk and share while being guided through meditation and then with deeply intuitive questions to find the blocks in the physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual systems and help them to open and transmute and transform so that you can be in joy and in your highest expression.


In this space of deep presence, all of you as welcome: the joyful parts, the sad parts, the grieving parts and any expression that you need to have whether it's through words, sounds or tears. This expression is recognized as an important part of the process as all the parts of us are deeply connected and related.

My session are available on a sliding scale for those in need $200 - $1000 - I currently have an incall location in Asheville, North Carolina.

Please text to book: 720-295-1811 or fill in the form below


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