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Sacred Evolution

Sharing - Economy

Sacred Evolution is an organization based on the gift. We are giving away our offerings/gifts of intuitive guidance, coaching, healing, music and meditation - and in return all we ask for you to continue the gift! The gift can be monetary to us, since that’s the dominant medium of exchange in our current system, or it can take the form of you giving a gift to another human - a gift of time, of presence, a meal, as you feel inspired. To gift to us you can visit our Patreon page or PayPal to or check below for non-monetary ideas.


The more we all give, the more we all receive. The cycles of giving and receiving are not as linear as we have been taught - you work this job, you get paid this salary, you pay this money, you get this good or service. In reality the cycle is more like a web, where every gift is a node in the web and can spur gifts that go out in many directions. Whether a gift comes back to you directly or indirectly matters not, if everyone is giving, then what goes around, comes around. We all receive.

Possible non-monetary gifts/needs: help with website design, graphic design, social media, workshop and ceremony organizing, nice places to stay, sharing nice food, written recommendations, spreading our message through word of mouth, hugs, love, sweetness, whatever you've got to give that feels inspired!

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