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Above the Clouds

Men's Skydiving Retreat

Adventures in Brotherhood

12/9/21-12/14/21     Sebastian, Florida

The Retreat Includes

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Why learn to fly with us?

🪂 Get your skydive certification and be able to jump by yourself

🪂 Enjoy a retreat in a beautiful home with delicious food.

🪂 Have fun, connect and break barriers together

🪂 To learn, grow, and evolve in a supportive community of men

🪂 Men coming together to work through with whatever is holding us back to express our greatest gifts to the world in service of humanity

🪂 Exciting adventure by day and drop into deep connection and evolution by night.

Who is this for?

Meet your Facilitator :  Elowan Fae

I'm here because I love supporting and guiding people, and I love adventure, excitement, and enjoying all the fun that this miraculous body can do. 

I've been on a journey of healing, self-development, and evolution for eight years, and it's taken me around the world exploring, adventuring, and diving deep into myself, my purpose, and all the whys of existence.

I'm here to provide a space for men to connect, share vulnerably, and show up for each other in a more profound way. 

I hope you choose to join me on this adventure of exploration and evolution, this Adventure in Brotherhood.

Retreat Details

When:  7 pm Thursday, December 9th to
11 am Tuesday, December 14th

Where: Sebastian, Florida

Cost: Gift-Based!

Skydiving - $1385
Lodging - $275
Food - $400

Base Cost - $2,060
Gift to Facilitator - $

Total Cost $2,060-$3,333**

*This is based on a shared room
A private room will be an extra $250 (2 available) 
Camping also available for reduced cost

**The costs are shared by the participants, so the total depends on how many people sign up

As with all Sacred Evolution offerings, this is gift-based, our gift to you. You'll pay the costs of the food, the house, and the skydiving and then it's up to you to determine what value you received and what your inspired "Gift to Host" will be.

Your Retreat Space

Activities & Testimonials

Learn to Skydive Solo!

We'll be learning all the steps to jump by ourselves out of the airplane at Skydive Sebastian. The Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Course includes one day of ground school 8 Student Skydives with an instructor over four days. After that, you're good to jump solo! All this with amazing views of the ocean and Florida Coast.


Men's Circle

We will gather in a circle to drop in, dive deep and connect with other brothers and ourselves. We will learn more about ourselves and our other brothers through authentic expression, vulnerability, and witnessing each other. When men drop the veil of competition and come into connection, we can create a better world for all. We will gather in a circle, meditate together and then check in with where we are in the present moment. From there, we will "dive" into a specific topic, sharing our experiences and insights.

Meditation and Movement

We'll sit in meditation every morning," dropping" in, and then have some form of movement (yoga, martial arts, dance, etc.) to activate and wake up the body.


Guided sessions to diver deeper into ourselves, explore new concepts and connect and grow together. Topics will include purpose, healthy masculinity, sexuality and relationships, and whatever you bring to work with.



Fire Ceremony

As men have been doing for millennia, We'll have the opportunity to connect with the element of fire. Sitting in ceremony with the fire will allow us to transmute and let go of what no longer serves us. 

Cacao Ceremony

Cacao, or food of the gods, is the plant from which chocolate is derived. In a cacao ceremony, we use a ceremonial dose of raw, unprocessed cacao to feel the full effects of this sacred plant medicine. The cacao stimulates the heart, opening us to feeling and to deeper levels of love. It can also increase energy and bring euphoria. We'll drop into sacred space around an altar, speak our intentions into the cacao, and share what we are grateful for. Then we will have some connection exercise or ecstatic dance.


Hapé Ceremony

Hapé is a sacred plant medicine of the Amazon rainforest. It is tobacco-based and often used in ceremonies to help clear energy or blocks. Hapé helps to reset the system and can be wonderful to help bring us into meditation. The hapé is a powerful plant medicine ally to help us come back to ourselves and retrieve our energy from places we gave it away or lost it.


Water Massage

We will learn and practice a healing modality done in the water called Fluid Presence. It is a journey of healing and relaxation with the support of the water. With the aid of flotation devices and the practitioner's support, you will connect with the water and yourself in an entirely new way. The purpose is to help you relax and help your body find and remember the fluidity of movement that it deeply knows.

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We were greeted by the warmest most welcoming staff, Fantastic Organizers, not one but two otters sending loads all weekend! That ocean view can’t be Beat! We will be Back! Thanks for a Fantastic Experience skydive Sebastian crew! - Nicholas

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I will be honest, at first, I thought that Elowan was just another new-age hippy kind of guy, but once I got to know him, I realized he really does walk the talk. His vulnerability helped the rest of the group open up, and we had an incredibly productive time. I will count my interactions with Elowan among my most impactful experiences traveling thus far. -Dom Lebo

"In a time when men are taught to isolate, to keep emotions bottled up, to figure out life alone, Elowan offered a safe place for men to share and experience brotherhood through his retreat. The community of men bonded through medicinal work, music, dance, meditation, meals, and incredible conversations. Friendships were created. Men were respected, understood, seen, and heard. No shame. No judgment. Just acceptance. It was unforgettable." -Rick

"The way Elowan facilitates an energetic container with his variety of offerings is a potent opportunity. The essence he carries of sweetness is heard in his music, felt in his sharing circles, and even tasted in his cacao. Allow yourself this dance through the heart." -Bre

We joined in community around the fire, danced barefoot on the grass surrounded by warm early autumn air and the sound of crashing waves just feet away. It was a magical night with the four elements and a delightful new soul tribe, which Elowan so humbly created for us on his short stopover in Chicago. I am forever grateful for this experience, and I cannot wait to reconnect again with this brother! - Karolina

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