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Elowan is coming to town on an adventure to offer the magic of cacao, dance, sound and connection to nature. We will gather under the trees to play and celebrate life together.


We'll start by sharing a cup of cacao, the plant that is the origin of most of us know as chocolate. You know how chocolate helps you feel better, right? Well in a cacao ceremony we drink a LOT of chocolate, which brings euphoria, energy and helps cultivate an open-heart.


After we share cacao, gratitudes and intentions we will move into an Ecstatic Dance. The intention of Ecstatic Dance is to provide a judgement-free place to dance and move however your body feels to. How many of us don't take the time to move our bodies or to stretch? Well in this place you can move however you want, expressing and freeing the body. The body can store trapped emotions and traumas, so by moving we can let go and unwind whatever isn't serving us. Plus dancing is super fun and the music will be AMAZING! A combination of music cultivated from all over the world, it's gonna be a good dance.


As the dance comes to a close you'll have the opportunity to experience a sound healing journey. Elowan will take you on a journey using the handpan, the drum and the flute to relax and help you continue clearing out what no longer serves you and to call in what does. At our core we are all energy vibrations (see Einstein E=mc2) and the sound can help to raise our vibration and help us release any heaviness we might be holding. Plus it sounds super beautiful and is relaxing and soothing.


In the end we'll come together for the opportunity to share your experience and witness others in their sharing.


The goal is to connect people and create community while sharing the medicine of cacao and dance. May we all move and be free, with open hearts and minds.

All our offerings are gift-based, which means its our gift to you! We ask you to cover the cost of the cacao, about $3/cup, and then tune into what your inspired gift is to contribute so we can keep offering! If you aren't able to gift that's okay, we ask you to keep the gift rolling in whatever way you can (cook your mom dinner, mow your neighbors lawn, whatever!) For reference these events often go from $20-$40 (but you can even give more than that if you're inspired, the sky's the limit!)

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