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Sacred Evolution

The Power of Presence 
A Journey for Evolution

 Sit with me and receive the power of deep presence, unconditional love and intuitive guidance to help you move through any process or issue in your life.


By holding a space of non-judgement and acceptance, I can help you feel safe to express your deepest emotions, desires, fears and dreams.


Together, we will move through the process and come to deeper levels of peace, realization and understanding. We will share vulnerably together and open to new ways of being and thinking.

I will guide you through a process to explore deeper, release whatever it is that is ailing you and come to a more healed and expanded place within yourself and your energy body.


I look forward to working with you, for your healing is my healing, and we’re in this together.


Whether it’s related to life direction and purpose, family and relationship dynamics or finding deeper levels of self love, I’m here to sit with you in loving, healing presence.

**All sessions are based on the gift economy and you are encouraged to find within yourself the value of what you receive. As we all have different levels of abundance and income, you are encouraged to tune into what feels good for your situation, knowing that the more you give can help others to receive when they cannot give. The gift can be from $4 to $4 million dollars 🙂 See the Gift-Based page for more info.


Holding Hands
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